Friday, April 18, 2008

Traffic Trauma

For almost all people living in urban and suburban areas, traffic congestion is always with us. The blog of the LA Times dealing with traffic in the LA area is appropriately called the "Bottleneck Blog". It is almost unnecessary to cite statistics about snarled traffic, big delays, and the consequent frustration of driving in most metropolitan USA areas, and in every other country of the world. Just about everyone experiences this reality firsthand, and knows that they themselves are part of the statistics.

Does it have to be this way? No. The wheel based transportation system of cars and trucks is not the only way for people to get around. My years of work on air cushion technology led me to devise a ground transportation system that will work without congestion. I call it the Aeroduct System. Briefly, it consists of air cushion vehicles traveling at high speed in tubes (aeroducts) in a completely automated fashion. These tubes can be elevated to eliminate the congestion - and danger - of travel on ground level. There are numerous other benefits to this technology which I will discuss from time to time.

Most people are resigned to long traffic delays because the current car/truck/paved road method of travel cannot possibly handle the traffic we have now, let alone that which will be coming in the future. We must look at an alternative if we really want to surmount this big drag of modern life. I refer you here to the relevant part of the Aeromobile website for more information on this essential technology.

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