Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Grow the Market

A few days ago, the well respected general aviation (GA) manufacturer, Mooney Airplane Company of Kerrville, Texas USA, announced layoffs and reductions in output out their aircraft. Mooney has long been known for the performance and reliability of their piston aircraft. But, with all piston-engine aircraft sales recently slowing by 28 percent in the USA market, Mooney has had to retrench.

Of course, we wish Mooney the best in the future, as we do all general aviation companies. But, we think they'd be much better off looking into the arena of vertical take off aircraft in order to grow the market. Conventional GA fixed wing aircraft, no matter how well built and no matter how stylish are going to be a limited market: for travel from one airport to another. What people really want is to travel from where they are to to their precise destination. Vertical flight airplanes give the flexibility of much more convenient take off and landing locations, and the fast speed and flight smoothness of fixed wing aircraft.

We invite Mooney and all other GA manufacturers to look at our design for a vertical airplane. We call it the Arc Wing VTOL airplane, due to the unique arc shape of the wing. We've posted a number of blogs entries on this design. And, our website gives much more information, including documents presented to aviation conferences, and videos. We feel our aircraft will broaden the appeal of general aviation, and that can only help everyone involved with it.

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